True change can occur when clients learn to own their body and live efficiently through individualized postural and movement training. Everyone deserves to feel and function at their best. Learn more about my professional and personal philosophy.

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Experience the Power of PT

  • Assisting you in understanding your body, relieve your pain and restrictions
  • Identifying posture and muscle imbalances within your body that may predispose you to injury
  • Teaching you a customized program to address problem areas to keep you moving
  • Helping you discover what optimal movement feels like in your body in order to function and perform at your best
  • Maintaining and building your body’s mobility and function to keep you moving forward

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Functional Dry Needling

A technique similar to acupuncture that helps to manage pain and restore movement.

Myofascial Release

A gentle, hands-on technique focusing on connective tissue.

Manual Therapy

A hands-on method that works the soft tissue and joints to reduce pain and improve joint function.

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