About Me

I am a physical therapist with more than 10 years of experience in helping people feel and move better. My expertise and training allow me to look at the whole body as an integrated system. I blend manual therapy techniques with a postural and movement-based approach to help clients gain awareness of their bodies and move with less pain. With each session, I aim to tackle hard-to-fix problems while helping clients find long-term solutions for their pain with improved motion.

In my spare time, I enjoy all things endurance sports, including, triathlons, biking, running and cross-country skiing. From Ironman, to marathons, to The American Birkebeiner, I love to stay active and keep my body moving.

My Philosophy

The body is a dynamic and interconnected system that needs to be treated as such. I firmly believe that pain resolution and optimal performance will never be achieved unless the true source of the pain or dysfunction is addressed. Then, true change can occur when clients learn to own their body and live efficiently through individualized postural and movement training. I believe that everyone deserves to feel and function at their best.

I provide an integrative, whole-body approach to each treatment. I am passionate about empowering my clients with self-management strategies. I use my training in manual therapy, motor control and neuromuscular rehabilitation principles to promote optimal recovery and retrain faulty movement patterns to reduce or eliminate aches and pains, allowing clients to return to the activities they love.